Considerations and workarounds

Load time for component graphs

Load time might exceed 10 seconds for more than 200 component graphs when you have activated the All on same graph check box.

NFS client 4.1 is not supported

A file locking defect might exist in NFS 4.1 with RHEL/CentOS 7.4, which could cause zeneventserver to crash and other DFS-related problems. For more information, refer to topic "Configuring NFS 4.0" in the Control Center installation guide or upgrade guide, or knowledge base article Potential Issues Running With RHEL 7.4 Or CentOS 7.4.

CentralQuery maximum memory allocation pool

(ZEN-15907) The size of the CentralQuery maximum memory allocation pool is set by the RAMCommitment variable in the CentralQuery service definition. The default value is 1024MB. Do not change the value to anything less than 1024MB.

Upgrade considerations

  • Do not attempt to upgrade systems on which DEV ZenPacks have been installed; the upgrade will fail. This limitation will be addressed in an upcoming release of Zenoss Core. In the meantime, to upgrade, uninstall DEV ZenPacks, perform the upgrade, and then reinstall the DEV ZenPacks.
  • (ZEN-28375) In earlier releases of Zenoss Core, counter/derive (rate) data points were saved using their raw counters. Beginning with this release, the calculated rate value is stored. The rate is calculated at the collector daemon as it collects data. If a graph (or API) request for a derive of counter data point spans the upgrade data, the system automatically queries the data correctly. However, slight anomalies might occur in the data that is captured immediately before and after the upgrade.