New features

This release of Zenoss Core provides the following new features.

Solr model catalog

Currently several catalogs are used to perform efficient searches across the zodb object graph. Unfortunately, information in these catalogs is not stored efficiently and in some cases is duplicated. The new Model Catalog is a central catalog for model data that uses Apache Solr as an indexing backend and which will reduce zodb load and mitigate the duplication of indexed data. The following catalogs are being moved to Solr:
  • global_catalog
  • componentSearch
  • ipSearch
  • deviceSearch
  • layer2_catalog
  • layer3_catalog

The deprecated catalogs have been replaced by adapters that mimic the legacy catalogs' interfaces and use Model Catalog under the hood, so that current ZenPacks should function without any changes. However, there could be cases where ZenPacks use the legacy catalogs in a way the adapters do not support. In such cases, either the adapter or the ZenPack would need to be modified.

Graph enhancements

There have been many improvements to the graphing functionality including the ability to configure a default time range and number of columns, and clicking within a graph to zoom in and re-center the graph. For more information, see the Zenoss Core Administration Guide.