Importing Resource Manager image files

Use this procedure to import Resource Manager image from self-installing archive files.
  1. Use the virtual hostname or virtual IP address of the high-availability cluster to log in to the Control Center master node as a user with serviced CLI privileges.
  2. In a separate terminal session, log in to the other master host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  3. On both nodes, copy or move the archive files to /root.
  4. On both nodes, add execute permission to the files.
    chmod +x /root/*.run
  5. On both nodes, change directory to /root.
    cd /root
  6. On the secondary node, start Docker.
    systemctl start docker
  7. On both nodes, import the images.
    for image in install-zenoss-*.run
      /bin/echo -en "\nLoading $image..."
      yes | ./$image
  8. On both nodes, list the images in the registry.
    docker images
    The result should include one image for each archive file.
  9. Optional: On both nodes, delete the archive files, if desired.
    rm -i ./install-*.run
  10. On both nodes, copy the upgrade scripts from the new Resource Manager image to /root/6.1.x.
    docker run -it --rm -v /root:/mnt/root \
      zenoss/resmgr_6.1:6.1.2_1 rsync -a /root/6.1.x /mnt/root
  11. On the secondary node, stop Docker.
    systemctl stop docker