Change history

The following list associates document part numbers and the important changes to this guide since the previous release. Some of the changes involve features or content, but others do not. For information about new or changed features, refer to the Zenoss Resource Manager Release Notes.

1652.18.081.40 (6.1.2)
Update release numbers.
1652.18.040.22 (6.1.1)
Update release numbers.
1652.18.009 (6.1.0)
Update release numbers.
1652.17.320 (6.0.1)
Replace with
Update release numbers.
1652.17.311.1 (6.0.0)
Restructure appliance installation procedures.
Update non-appliance procedures for offline installation requirements.
Update release numbers.
1052.17.268 (5.3.2)
Update release numbers.
1052.17.242 (5.3.1)
Update release numbers.
1052.17.229 (5.3.0)
Beginning with this release, you can download and install the appliance artifacts or a converged set of artifacts. This document was reorganized and updated with associated information.
Update release numbers.
1052.17.191 (5.2.6)
Update release numbers.
About 5.2.5
Version 5.2.5 was withdrawn.
1052.17.123 (5.2.4)
Update release numbers.
1052.17.100 (5.2.3)
Add a chapter for high-availability installations.
New procedures for installing the appliance with Hyper-V.
Update release numbers.
1052.17.58 (5.2.2)
Remove procedure for adding storage for backups (no longer required for appliances).
1052.17.044 (5.2.1)
Update release numbers.
1052.16.335 (5.2.0)
Add a section detailing the tested operating environments.
Remove procedures for installing Control Center. That information is now in the Control Center Installation Guide.
Remove the high-availability chapters. High-availability installations are now performed by Zenoss personnel.
Remove the appliance installation chapters. The chapters will be replaced when the appliances are available.
The instructions for downloading and installing the software artifacts for offline deployments are now in an appendix.
Update release numbers.
Update release numbers.
Update release numbers.
Update release numbers.
Added tested operating environments and updated release numbers.
Update release numbers.
Update release numbers.
Update release numbers.
Update release numbers.
Refine the procedure for creating the application data thin pool.
Add Resource Manager 5.1.2.
Add a substep to create the docker override directory.
Add this document change history.
Add chapters describing how to install the Resource Manager appliance.
Chapters are organized into parts.
Docker configuration steps now add the storage driver flag (-s devicemapper) to the /etc/sysconfig/docker file.
Docker needs a longer startup timeout value, to work around a known Docker issue with the devicemapper driver. Docker configuration steps now include adding TimeoutSec=300.
Rather than editing /lib/systemd/system/docker.service, Docker configuration steps now include adding a systemd override file.
Add a symlink to /tmp in /var/lib/docker.
Update the commands for starting and testing a ZooKeeper ensemble.
Add a procedure for updating the SERVICED_ZK value on delegate hosts that are not members of a ZooKeeper ensemble.
Add a reference topic for the ZooKeeper variables required on Control Center hosts.
Add procedures for configuring an NTP server and clients for offline deployments.
Add step to install the Nmap Ncat package, which is used to check ZooKeeper ensemble status.
Planning information is now in the Zenoss Resource Manager Planning Guide.
Information about how to start and configure Resource Manager is now in the Zenoss Resource Manager Configuration Guide.
New procedures are included, for installing without internet access, and for installing high-availability deployments.