Known issues

Release 6.1.0 known issues
ID Description Status
ZEN-26802 OS model link in Device Detail page points to wrong manufacturer entry Open
ZEN-27499 Error message regarding dropped Events displayed during Resource Manager upgrade. Open
ZEN-28138 objectGUID is not available to be selected in Login Name Attribute combo box in LDAP configuration options. Open
ZEN-28519 Error is displayed when a correct date/time is entered in the Date Range field. Open
ZEN-28716 On Events page, the Show only actionable events check box is not displayed for the ZenOperator role. Open
ZEN-28725 On the Dashboard page, a ZenManager can see a dashboard even though that user is part of a group with a restriction. Open
ZEN-28817 Datapoint alias IDs should not have any trailing whitespaces nor have a length that exceeds 31 characters. Otherwise, a warning will be issued. Fixed
ZEN-28956 Cisco UCS reports organizer is hidden when using ZenOperator role. Open
ZEN-28971 Missing Projected High Disk threshold for Storage Pools component for EMC VNX. Open
ZEN-29100 No data collected for the RM device after an upgrade if the localhost collector is moved off of the master host. See Considerations and workarounds for detailed instructions. Open
ZEN-29109 Disable Transforms report is not working. Open
ZEN-29120 Error flare messages appear intermittently on the Advanced > Control Center subtab. Open