Fixed issues

Release 6.0.0 fixed issues
ID Description
ZEN-486 When adding datapoints, the log message is not displaying the name.
ZEN-10840 Event mapping creation is not audited.
ZEN-20597 Standalone graph controls do not function properly.
ZEN-20986 HTML Email notifications have random spaces in the formatted output.
ZEN-21465 The Stacked check box on the Graph Point Definition screen has no effect on the graph.
ZEN-21657 Cannot add Manufacturer to ZenPack.
ZEN-23067 Timestamps are not saved on Event View links.
ZEN-23675 Control Center ZenPack should show Control Center version information.
ZEN-23874 zenmodeler collage setting not working.
ZEN-24221 Invalid time on performance data.
ZEN-24306 Error when evaluating min/max threshold.
ZEN-24700 Unable to access Role Manager.
ZEN-25648 ZenPack install is not logged in audit.log.
ZEN-25946 Control Center does not warn when attempting to run multiple zeneventserver.
ZEN-26529 Event Details sections are expanded by default.
ZEN-26493 Notifications are not sent to manual email subscribers.
ZEN-26519 Thin pool metadata usage component graph is empty.
ZEN-26600 Large multi-graph reports cannot open in new tab due to long URLs.
ZEN-26668 Results are not shown on search page.
ZEN-26675 Appliances do not allow the root user to login.
ZEN-26742 ZenPack export and download results in error.
ZEN-26776 Central Query should send a more informative error message when encountering an error during RPN parsing.
ZEN-26850 zenping not resetting its missed runs on config refresh.
ZEN-26891 Special characters in Infrastructure > Devices view can cause flares.
ZEN-26925 Graph auto scaling does not accept small and non-integer values (1 and -1 are the minimum boundary).
ZEN-26926 Event class mapping navigation issues.
ZEN-26943 Event bookmarks should specify the columns as well as the filters.
ZEN-26944 zenmodeler logging 'Scan time' of modeling immediately after modeling starts.
ZEN-26953 audit.log does not log changes to the Infrastructure > Manufacturers page.
ZEN-26981 Event View dashboard portlet does not retain specified columns and/or filters.
ZEN-26996 Modifications to /etc/hosts on appliances are overwritten upon reboot.
ZEN-27047 Devices are not added as Component Group.
ZEN-27104 IPv6ServiceMap plugin models services that are localhost only.
ZEN-27174 Cannot create two Custom properties.
ZEN-27213 Metrics property of zenmodeler not consistent between fresh and upgraded systems.
ZEN-27299 HBase/Regionserver StartLevel values need adjustment.
ZEN-27510 Time format setting should be applied consistently.
ZEN-27542 Device config caching in redis does not work properly for multi-host collector pools.
ZEN-27565 Manual runs of collector daemons against a device fail to find configs.
ZEN-27678 Component Groups throw a flare when saving dynamic services.
ZEN-27736 Ping status does not included suppressed events.
ZEN-27743 Advanced Search cannot find devices in solr.
ZEN-27767 stateChange field in .csv export is in epoch time, which is inconsistent with other fields.
ZEN-27777 Invalid TALES expressions cause notifications to fail.
ZEN-27833 Unexpected data in output from ping user command.
ZEN-27883 Duplicate task exceptions cause _updateDeviceConfigs to silently fail.
ZEN-27924 Solr max heap size should be configurable.
ZEN-27937 Cisco UCS devices not batch loading correctly with zenbatchload.
ZEN-27990 ThresholdNotifier does not work in zenhub.
ZEN-27993 zendebug service starts automatically on an upgraded system.
ZEN-28199 Control Center self monitoring uses wrong initial URL.
ZEN-28219 Flare message displayed when removing a hub.
ZEN-28274 Datastore sort by allocation is random.
ZEN-28306 RM monitor device does not check for duplicate device adds.
ZEN-28478 OpenTSDB fails after upgrade from pre-5.1.1 systems.
ZEN-28540 Several fields incorrectly accept autofill.
ZEN-28629 Memory leak in daemons due to logging in twisted 15.2.0+.
ZEN-28636 Attribute error when open graph containing ValueChanged threshold type.
ZEN-28664 Zenhub can get in a state where some workers die and never get restarted.
ZEN-28693 zenmail fails to parse hostname from an email address.
ZEN-28709 Upgrade OpenSSL in our containers.
ZEN-28817 Datapoint alias IDs should not have any trailing whitespaces nor have a length that exceeds 31 characters. Otherwise, a warning will be issued.