Defining user commands for a single device

To define a user command for a device:
  1. Select INFRASTRUCTURE from the Navigation menu. The Devices page appears.
  2. Click a device name from the list to open the Device Overview page.
  3. In the left panel, select Device Administration.
  4. In the User Commands area, click the Add a User Command icon. The Add New User Command dialog box appears.
    Figure 89. Add New User Command
  5. Enter the following information about the user command:
    • Name - Name of the user command.
    • Description - Description of what the command will do.
    • Command - TALES expression-based command you want to run.
    • Confirm Password - Enter your system account password for confirmation.
  6. Click Submit. The command is saved and added to the user commands menu.
  7. Optional: Test the command by selecting the command from the list and clicking the Run icon.