Managing multi-realm networks

Resource Manager supports overlapping IP namespaces through the optional ZenPacks.zenoss.MultiRealmIP ZenPack.

With this ZenPack, Resource Manager can prefix a realm identifier to the IP addresses of a network, enabling unified monitoring.

There are two primary use cases for using multi-realm IP management.

  • A large company that manages multiple locations that have the same network spaces defined across these multiple locations and as a result have created multiple overlapping IP spaces and Resource Manager needs a way to identify each separate IP space in the system.

  • Service Providers responsible for monitoring multiple customers where the customers have created independent networks and IP spaces that are unique to their location, but not unique to the Service Provider.

The essential work flow for creating and using IP Realms is that first you need to create the IP realms and then associate these realms with a collector. The associations between IP Realms and actual devices is made automatically by the device's association with the collector. All devices on a collector are associated with the realm for that collector.