Importing pre-loaded MIB organizers and files

Follow these steps to import the following pre-loaded MIB organizers and files (IANA, IETF, IRTF, SITE, and TUBS):

  1. Log in to the Control Center master host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  2. Navigate to /opt/serviced/var/volumes/<instance_id>/zenoss-var-ext and see if the uploadedMIBs directory exists. Replace <instance_id> with the appropriate ID for your instance. If not, create it and change the owner and permissions as follows. (You will only need to perform this once.)
    1. Ensure you are in the /opt/serviced/var/volumes/<instance_id>/zenoss-var-ext directory.
      cd /opt/serviced/var/volumes/<instance_id>/zenoss-var-ext
    2. Create the uploadedMIBs directory.
      mkdir uploadedMIBs
    3. Change the owner and permissions of the uploadedMIBs directory by executing the following commands.
      chown 1337:1206 uploadedMIBs
      chmod 775 uploadedMIBs
  3. Copy the files from the /usr/share/mibs directory to the uploadedMIBs directory. (You only have to do this once.)
    1. Attach to the zope service.
      serviced service attach zope/0
    2. Change to the /opt/zenoss/var/ext/uploadedMIBs directory.
      cd /opt/zenoss/var/ext/uploadedMIBs
    3. Copy the MIB files to that directory.
      cp -Rp /usr/share/mibs/* .