Create a subservice member for the other Internet connection

To create the service model member for the connection through router 23, clone the member for the connection through router 12.
  1. In the tree view, select service model member txrt12 - Internet.
  2. From the Action menu at the bottom of the tree view, select Clone Service.
  3. In the Clone Service dialog box, enter txrt23 - Internet, and then click SUBMIT.
    The new service is created and its contents are displayed in the Overview view.
  4. From the list of members in the Overview view, select fake-txrt12-100g-0, and then click Remove.
    If you click on the name of the member, Resource Manager displays the device overview page. To return to the correct page, click the browser's back button.
    Remove Items dialog
  5. In the Remove Items dialog box, click OK.
  6. In the Overview view, click Add.
  7. In the Add to Service search field, enter 100g.
  8. In the left column, select Device.
  9. In the results list, double-click fake-txrt23-100g-0, and then click ADD > CLOSE.