Edit Custom...State Provider

The Custom...State Provider tab is the interface for adding or editing state triggers for custom device and component service model members. You can customize Resource Manager to gather state data from events belonging to other classes. For example, you can customize state providers to define state triggers for device and component members that are monitored through customized classes provided by the ZenVMware and CiscoUCS ZenPacks.

Edit Custom...State Provider tab

In the Event Class field, specify the Resource Manager event class to monitor. You can configure one event class per device.

In the event severity fields, specify the state for this member, if the event severity is observed. Possible states are DOWN, DEGRADED, ATRISK, UP.

In Apply to, specify the members nodes to which the state applies:
  • This node only
  • Nodes of the same type on the same device
  • Nodes of the same type in the same device class
  • Nodes of the same type system-wide