Preparing to install or upgrade

This procedure describes how to download and stage the files that are required to install or upgrade Service Impact.

To perform this procedure, you need:
  • A workstation with internet access.
  • A portable storage medium, such as a USB flash drive, with at least 5 GB of free space.
  • Permission to download files from the site. To request permission, file a ticket at the Zenoss Support site.
  1. In a web browser, navigate to the site.
  2. Log in with the account provided by Zenoss Support.
  3. Download the Docker image file for Service Impact.
    Replace the variable x with the minor release number of the version that you are installing.
  4. Make the file executable.
    chmod +x /tmp/impact-zenpacks/*.run
  5. Download the Service Impact ZenPack files.
    Replace Version with the most recent version number available on the download page.
  6. Copy the files to your portable storage medium, and then move and mount the medium on the Control Center master host.
  7. Log in to the Control Center master host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  8. Stage the files in /tmp.
    1. Create a directory in /tmp for the files. The directory must be local (not mounted) and must be readable, writable, and executable by all users. For example, /tmp/impact-zenpacks.
      mkdir /tmp/impact-zenpacks
    2. Copy the files from your portable storage medium to /tmp/impact-zenpacks.
    3. Change the file permissions. The files must have the same permissions as their parent directory.
      chmod -R 777 /tmp/impact-zenpacks
  9. Install the Service Impact image.
    1. Change to the directory in which the Service Impact image is located.
      cd /tmp/impact-zenpacks
    2. Install the image.
    3. Synchronize the local registry.
      serviced docker sync