Fixed issues

ID Description
ZEN-16661 When adding a Custom State Provider, the Event Class field is free form whereas in other areas of the product it is a drop-down list selector.
ZEN-16938 The zenimpactstate method timing metrics should be saved in Control Center TSDB instead of the Central Perf storage.
ZEN-17015 When a user navigates to the Impact Events view, the Impact Events are listed in the top pane and not highlighted.
ZEN-20681 On large Impact views, Impact Nodes can overlap.
ZEN-21605 Model changes can be missed due to time between the catalog query and impact model update.
ZEN-22055 Numberous tracebacks in event.log when a user looks at a deleted service.
ZEN-22174 Changing Production State setting does not update device's production state in Impact View.
ZEN-22995 IE 11 cyclical relationship lines are the wrong color, black and not gray.
ZEN-23416 When performing a Graph Export, the graph positioning is reset.
ZEN-23496 Impact is restarting when performing a Control Center backup.
ZEN-23706 Errors encountered during severice deletion should be logged at a level higher than DEBUG.
ZEN-23716 In Impact View, graph position is not retained when switching dynamic services.
ZEN-23997 In Impact View with compact view set, auto-refresh resets view back to expanded.