Fixed issues

ID Description
ZEN-17921 On a 4.2.x system, Service Impact is attempting to post metrics to Resource Manager 5.x services leading to 'Error posting metrics' messages in zenoss_impact.log.
ZEN-21456 Impact policy editor window does not open for CiscoAPIC nodes.
ZEN-22093 Allow redis port to be configurable.
ZEN-22154 If a logical node is a child of a logical node organizer, and an event impacts the logical node, clearing the event will not clear the impact graph.
ZEN-22378 Removing a device from a Dynamic Service containing a collapsed component will display the device as orphaned.
ZEN-22837 When a service is selected, within member view, the user should be able to sort its contents by the health field (indicates availability and performance of each element).
ZEN-23060 Add serviced command to show Impact state change queue.
ZEN-23180 After upgrading Resource Manager, zenimpactimport binary is no longer available.
ZEN-23506 ZenImpactState metrics causes unnecessary load potentially leading to an unresponsive system.