Fixed issues

ID Description
ZEN-14900 Graph importing does not work with SSL master (only 4.x)
ZEN-19510 Error during graph update: "Error generating sync_errors.txt"
ZEN-19564 Impact View graph shows two root nodes when adding vSphere endpoint
ZEN-20320 Running zenimpactstate update too soon after installing Impact fails
ZEN-20340 Importing an invalid XML file throws an incorrect error message
ZEN-20402 Add compatibility messaging to ImpactServer egg
ZEN-20831 Impact View zoom doesn't remain consistent within a session
ZEN-21342 Node expand/collapse is not working properly with components
ZEN-21349 Import manual reconciliation is not properly recognizing incorrect sources
ZEN-21550 Removing a filter from partially hidden nodes doesn't work correctly
ZEN-21621 Close button error on click with no event selected
ZEN-21705 Cyclical references collapse behavior is incorrect
ZEN-21707 Impact View node overlap with cyclical relationships
ZEN-21952 Impact service definition should define actions
ZEN-21985 Impact user with no default role cannot add objects to Impact services
ZEN-22078 Console error generated when a service is created with an already existing name
ZEN-22318 Impact upgrade script is failing with Control Center 1.1.1 and Resource Manager 5.1.1
ZEN-22533 Impact View node collapse not working on IE11
ZEN-22643 Impact upgrade script failing for Resource Manager 5.0.x
ZEN-22713 Upgrading from Impact 5.0.6 alters root node of a dynamic service
ZEN-22816 Events are dropped when a device is added to a service
ZEN-23017 At startup, zenimpactstate tries to delete all outstanding statechange events