Fixed issues

ID Description
ZEN-14354 Cyclical Impacts are not handled appropriately when added to a service.
ZEN-19006 Service Impact Import-Delete-Reimport not functioning in version 5.0.
ZEN-19505 "UID not found" error occurs during graph update.
ZEN-19539 Statenode cache doesnot handle Neo4j rollback.
ZEN-20355 Zoom slider is incorrectly displayed with large Service Impact graphs.
ZEN-20381 Impact option disappears in the Advanced page.
ZEN-20383 Collapse All functionality does not work consistently.
ZEN-20417 Fit Graph to Window option is not working in Impact view on Internet Explorer.
ZEN-20442 Arrows are not displayed in Impact graph.
ZEN-20458 Clicking Toggle children on an AWS instance causes some child nodes to float to the side.
ZEN-20658 After double-clicking on a Fabric Port node in Impact View, a TypeError ('str' object is not callable) displays.
ZEN-20681 Impact view nodes overlap.
ZEN-20820 Zoom indicator box does not reflect what is diplayed in the main window.
ZEN-21200 Network route components cannot be added to a service.
ZEN-21455 Service Impact Policy Edit dialog breaks when a node type is specified.
ZEN-21529 Impact filter reset for unfound entries triggers an error.
ZEN-21552 When the focus is changed, the Fit Graph to Window doesn't focus correctly on the graph.
ZEN-21607 Impact filter fails if page is refreshed after applying the filter.
ZEN-21621 When no event is selected, clicking the Impact Events Close button produces an error.
ZEN-21662, ZEN-21717 The filter in Impact View is broken.
ZEN-21792 Search in the Add to Service dialog does not work.
ZEN-21853 Performance State events are not applied to graphs.
ZEN-21863 On fresh installs, the graph update throws an error.
ZEN-21900 A Redis queue worker thread is stuck waiting for a node lock.
ZEN-22038, ZEN-22142 Components connected to vSphere endpoints do not expand or collapse properly.
ZEN-22096 Unable to export dynamic service.
ZEN-22103, ZEN-22122 State change logging is too verbose.
ZEN-22107 Filtering nodes removes visual relationships to services.
ZEN-22111 The statenode cache does not handle graph database rollbacks.
ZEN-22113 Availability events are not reflected in the Impact View.
ZEN-22115 Performance events are not being processed.
ZEN-22188 Logical nodes set to unknown state after upgrade.
ZEN-22316 Closed, cleared, dropped, or aged events are not removed from nodes.
ZEN-22444 Nodes with cyclical references are collapsed incorrectly.