Scheduling a report job to run

  1. Log in to Analytics.
  2. On the Home page, click View list in the Reports area; or from any page, click View > Repository.
  3. Use the search field or browse the list of reports to find the report you want to schedule.
  4. Right-click the report name and select Schedule from the context menu. The Schedule Jobs page appears.
  5. Click Create Schedule. The Schedule tab appears. Fill out the information requested and select the recurrence of the job. The default value is None, which will run the report only once. Select Simple from the drop-down list to schedule the job to recur at an hourly, daily, or weekly interval or select Calendar to schedule the job to recur on certain days of the week or days of the month.
  6. Set the other values on the appropriate tabs for Parameters, Output Options, and Notifications. Click Save to save the schedule. On the Repository view page, you will see a clock icon to indicate that a report has been scheduled to run.