Logging in through the Resource Manager browser interface

Access to Analytics through single sign on (SSO) on the Resource Manager browser interface requires Manager, ZenManager, or ReportingUser privileges, which are assigned through roles. (Manager and ZenManager provide Analytics administrative privileges; ReportingUser provides user-level privileges.) You cannot log in to Analytics solely with Resource Manager administrator privileges. For more information about assigning roles, see the "Managing users" chapter in Zenoss Resource Manager Administration Guide.
  1. Log in to the Resource Manager browser interface with your Resource Manager user name and password.
  2. Select Reports > Advanced.
    The Getting Started page appears.
    Figure 2. Getting Started

    From the Getting Started page, you can
    • View your reports.
    • Create a report.
    • Create an ad hoc view.
    • Change the Analytics server settings.
    Alternatively, make a selection from one of the Analytics menu options:
    • View: View search results, the Analytics repository, or messages.
    • Manage: Manage organizations, users, roles, or server settings (accessible by administrators). Do not create organizations in the system because they are linked to Zenoss instances.
    • Create: Create ad hoc reports, dashboards, or domains.