Creating a report and editing the output

  1. Log in to Analytics.
  2. From the Home page, click Create in the Reports section; or from any page, click Create > Report.
  3. From the Create Report window, select an ad hoc view and click OK.
  4. If you are prompted for input controls, provide them in the displayed window. If not, the report output appears.
  5. Edit the report output by clicking the Options icon in the upper-right corner.
  6. (optional) While you cannot change the fundamental type of output (you cannot change a chart into a crosstab), you can change various elements of the output based on the type of report. For example, you can resize columns or filter by a column's value. If you are using a chart, you can change the type of chart you want to display. Refer to the JasperReports Server User Guide for even more ways to customize your reports.
  7. Once you have the report output displaying the way you want, save the report by clicking the Save icon.