Creating batches

You create batches to populate the reporting database. Every eight hours, the ETL processes a batch and extracts information from the previous eight-hour window. The main types of batches match the primary data types (Performance, Model, and Event).

Existing batches and associated status information appear in the batch list.

To access the batch list, choose Reports > Configuration from the Resource Manager browser interface. The batch list appears.

Figure 5. Batch list
The list shows each batch and its status: UNSTARTED, CONFIGURING, READY, EXTRACTING, STAGING, FAILED, COMPLETED, or CANCELLED. The CANCELLED state occurs when the collector goes offline for a long period of time.

In general, you do not need to create manual batches. The only reason a manual batch should be created is as a result of a previous failed scheduled batch.

To add a manual batch:

  1. From the batch list, click Add Batches and make selections as follows:
    1. Extractor - Choose MODEL, EVENTS, or PERFORMANCE. This process may take a few minutes after you connect the Resource Manager to the Analytics server and update the hubs and collectors.
    2. Begin Date - Optionally adjust the begin date and time. By default, the value is set to two weeks before the current Analytics server date and time.
    3. End Date - Optionally adjust the end date and time. By default, the value is set to the current Analytics server date and time.
  2. Click Submit. The batch is added to the batch list.