Installing the Analytics ZenETL ZenPack in Resource Manager

Analytics-related UI in Resource Manager, and ETL data extraction daemon services are provided by an Analytics-specific Resource Manager ZenPack, ZenETL. This is installed like any other ZenPack, and you should refer to the instructions specific to your version of Resource Manager for doing so if you are not already familiar with the process. In summary the process is the following:

In Resource Manager 4.x:
zenpack --install ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenETL<version>.py2.7.egg
If you are using a daemons.txt/DAEMONS_TX_ONLY and/or a collectordaemons.txt to control which daemons start on the master and collectors respectively, edit these files as appropriate add the new ETL daemons to these files. Add the following to daemons.txt:
  • zenmodeletl
  • zeneventetl
  • zenperfetl
Add the following to collectordaemons.txt:
  • zenperfetl
Then perform a full stop and start of Resource Manager:
zenoss stop
pkill -f ${ZENHOME}
zenoss start

At this point, you should NOT update all hubs and collectors just yet to push the new ZenPack code out. Complete the section below entitled Connecting Analytics server to Resource Manager first and then update all hubs and collectors.

In Resource Manager 5.x and 6.x, place ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenETL<version>.py2.7.egg in the /tmp/zenpacks directory on the Control Center master host, then perform the following:
chmod -R 777 /tmp/zenpacks
cd /tmp/zenpacks
serviced service run zope zenpack-manager install ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenETL<version>.py2.7.egg

To speed up performance data extractions in Resource Manager 5.2.x or later (or any Resource Manager instance that has OpenTSDB v2.2 or later installed), the following change should be made. The configuration option, tsd.query.skip_unresolved_tagvs should be set to True. This option can be set in the /opt/zenoss/etc/opentsdb/opentsdb.conf file that is editable in the "opentsdb reader" service in Control Center.

Finally, issue the following commands to stop and start Resource Manager so that zenperfetl, zenmodeletl, and zeneventetl initialize properly:
serviced service stop Zenoss.resmgr
# Wait for containers to stop
serviced service start Zenoss.resmgr