New features

Analytics 5.0.0 offers these new features and improvements:

  • Analytics 5.0.0 ETLs model, events, and data from one or more Resource Manager 4.x and/or 5.x instances.
  • Performance metrics can be extracted from both OpenTSDB and HBase (Resource Manager 5.x) as well as RRD files (Resource Manager 4.x).
  • Added ETL of all device and component template bindings so you can determine which monitoring templates are attached to what devices/components.
  • Min and Max thresholds for devices and device components are now ETL'ed to a new dimension table named "dim_threshold_values". Even if the threshold definitions are complicated TALES expressions referencing modeled, z-, or c- properties, the ETL will calculate the thresholds (at the time of the ETL) and store the resulting threshold values into the new dimension table so that it can be included in reports. For example, set /FileSystem/Server/ thresholds high disk usage maximum Value to "here.zCommandLoginTimeout". You can now include the min and max threshold values in your reports by selecting the "threshold_max_value" and "threshold_min_value" columns from the dim_threshold_values table.
  • OpenJDK replaces Oracle JRE.
  • Uses the TIBCO Jaspersoft 6.0.0 solution, which enables Embeddable Dashboards, Interactive Report Workbooks, New Chart Types, and Custom Visualizations. For more information, see the Jaspersoft 6.0.0 documentation.
  • All Zenoss 5.x products replace ZenDS (backed by Oracle MySQL) data stores with its derivative MariaDB 10. Analytics follows suit and replaces ZenDS with MariaDB as the ETL data warehouse destination data store. MariaDB is now the only supported Analytics relational database store.