Starting Control Center and verifying the cluster

Use this procedure to start Control Center and verify the cluster.
  1. Log in to Active-Node as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  2. Identify the hosts in the ZooKeeper ensemble.
    grep -E '^\b*SERVICED_ZK=' /etc/default/serviced
    The result is a list of 1, 3, or 5 hosts, separated by the comma character (,). The master host is always a node in the ZooKeeper ensemble.
  3. In separate windows, log in to each of the delegate hosts that are nodes in the ZooKeeper ensemble as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  4. On Active-Node, start the Control Center resource.
    pcs resource enable serviced
  5. On the other ZooKeeper ensemble hosts, start serviced.
    The window of time for starting a ZooKeeper ensemble is relatively short. The goal of this step is to start Control Center on each ensemble node at about the same time, so that each node can participate in electing the leader.
    systemctl start serviced
  6. On Active-Node, confirm that serviced starts successfully.
    journalctl -flu serviced
  7. On Active-Node, stop the cluster.
    1. Stop the serviced resource.
      pcs resource disable serviced
    2. Confirm that serviced stops successfully.
      journalctl -flu serviced
    3. Stop the storage resource.
      pcs resource disable serviced-storage
    4. Stop the serviced group.
      pcs resource disable serviced-group
    5. Wait for all cluster resources to stop.
      watch pcs status
  8. On Active-Node, fail over to Passive-Node.
    1. Place Active-Node in standby mode.
      pcs cluster standby Active-Node
    2. Confirm that Active-Node switches roles.
      pcs status resources
  9. Confirm that the storage shows the correct size.
    1. Start the serviced group.
      pcs resource enable serviced-group
    2. Confirm that the serviced-lvm resource starts.
      pcs status
    3. Confirm that the logical volume of the serviced thin pool shows the correct size.
      lvs --options=lv_name,vg_name,lv_size
Complete the startup by keeping or changing the current roles: