Starting the cluster and keeping current roles

Use this procedure to complete the startup and keep Passive-Node in its current role as the master/primary node.
  1. Log in to Passive-Node as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  2. Start the storage resource.
    pcs resource enable serviced-storage
  3. Confirm that the resource starts up.
    pcs status
  4. Take Active-Node out of standby mode.
    Replace Active-Node with the hostname assigned in Identifying node roles:
    pcs cluster unstandby Active-Node
  5. Confirm that disk replication is started.
    Do not proceed until the status of all devices is UpToDate/UpToDate.
  6. Start the Control Center resource.
    pcs resource enable serviced
  7. Start your application.
    For example, the Zenoss application:
    serviced service start Zenoss.resmgr