Change history

The following list associates document part numbers and the important changes to this guide since the previous release. Some of the changes involve features or content, but others do not. For information about new or changed features, refer to the Control Center Release Notes.

1902.17.349 (1.5.0)
Specify Docker version in yum install command.
1902.17.331 (1.5.0)
Replace with
Add steps for importing the Zenoss GPG key.
Add options to the DFS resize section (Control Center application data storage requirements).
1902.17.311 (1.5.0)
Add chapters for updating 1.4.x deployments.
Add step for updating RHEL/CentOS to 7.4, if necessary.
Add steps for a delegate host workaround of an NFS issue on RHEL/CentOS 7.4.
Update release number (1.4.1).
Update release number (1.4.0).
Add a new storage requirement, for audit logs.
Remove the -y parameter from all yum command invocations.
Update the SERVICED_DOCKER_REGISTRY configuration steps to ensure the correct value is set.
Update release number (1.3.3).
Replace Docker 1.12.1 with Docker CE 17.03.1.
Remove step for disabling SELinux.
Update release number (1.3.2).
New document for release 1.3.1.