Tuning variables (all Control Center hosts)

Variable Description
GOMAXPROCS The maximum number of CPU cores that serviced uses.
SERVICED_MAX_CONTAINER_AGE The number of seconds serviced waits before removing a stopped container.
SERVICED_ISVCS_ENV_[0-9]+ Startup arguments to pass to specific internal services.
SERVICED_SERVICE_MIGRATION_TAG Overrides the default value for the service migration image.
SERVICED_OPTS Startup arguments for serviced.
SERVICED_CONTROLLER_BINARY The path of the serviced-controller binary.
SERVICED_HOME The path of the home directory for serviced.
SERVICED_ETC_PATH The path of the directory for serviced configuration files.
SERVICED_VHOST_ALIASES A list of hostname aliases for a host; for example, localhost.
SERVICED_ZK_CONNECT_TIMEOUT The number of seconds Control Center waits for a connection to the lead ZooKeeper host.
SERVICED_ZK_PER_HOST_CONNECT_DELAY The number of seconds Control Center waits before attempting to connect to the next host in its round-robin list of ZooKeeper hosts.
SERVICED_ZK_RECONNECT_START_DELAY, SERVICED_ZK_RECONNECT_MAX_DELAY These are used together when Control Center is unable to re-establish a connection with the lead ZooKeeper host.