New variables (at version 1.2.0)

The variables in the following table were not present in version 1.1.1 and are present in version 1.2.0. The variables are shown in the order in which they appear in /etc/default/serviced.

Variable Purpose
TMPDIR Replacement for TMP.
SERVICED_MASTER_IP The IP address of the master host.
SERVICED_MASTER_POOLID The name of the resource pool to which the master host belongs.


Additional options for encrypting RPC communications.
SERVICED_UI_POLL_FREQUENCY The frequency at which browser interface clients poll the server.


Additional options for encrypting RPC communications.


Options for the devicemapper storage driver.
SERVICED_STORAGE_STATS_UPDATE_INTERVAL The number of seconds between polls of kernel statistics about the application data thin pool.
SERVICED_LOGSTASH_CYCLE_TIME The amount of time between logstash purges.
SERVICED_SVCSTATS_CACHE_TIMEOUT The lifetime of data in the browser interface cache for statistics about services.
SERVICED_NFS_CLIENT DEPRECATED: Prevent a delegate host from mounting the DFS. In version 1.2.0, delegate host access to the DFS is controlled through resource pool permissions.
SERVICED_DOCKER_DNS The Docker DNS configuration for containers.
SERVICED_SNAPSHOT_USE_PERCENT The amount of free space in the application data thin pool, used to determine whether the pool can store a new snapshot.
SERVICED_ZK_SESSION_TIMEOUT The number of seconds the ZooKeeper leader waits before flushing an inactive connection.
SERVICED_ES_STARTUP_TIMEOUT The number of seconds to wait for the Elasticsearch service to start.
SERVICED_RPC_DIAL_TIMEOUT The number of seconds until an RPC connection attempt times out.
SERVICED_AUTH_TOKEN_EXPIRATION The lifetime of a delegate host revocation certificate.
SERVICED_CONTROLLER_BINARY The path of the serviced-controller binary.
SERVICED_HOME The path of the home directory for serviced.
SERVICED_ETC_PATH The path of the directory for serviced configuration files.