Master host CPU and RAM resources

You can create a multi-host or single-host deployment of Control Center, on real or virtual hosts.

Zenoss recommends that all production deployments include one Control Center master host and two or more delegate hosts. In this configuration, the master host runs in its own, separate resource pool, and runs only Control Center internal services. Delegate hosts run application services in other resource pools.

The master host in a multi-host deployment typically requires 4 real or virtual CPU cores and 16GB RAM. Very large multi-host deployments may require 8 CPU cores, but additional RAM is not required.

In a single-host deployment, the Control Center master host runs all Control Center internal services and all application services. The following table lists minimum resource requirements for the master host. Actual CPU and RAM requirements depend on the application and its load.

Minimum resource requirements for single-host deployments
Software CPU cores RAM
Control Center (required) 4 16GB
Zenoss Resource Manager (example) add 4 add 48GB
Zenoss Core (example) add 0 add 8GB

Master host storage requirements are detailed in the following section.