Adding space to a tenant volume

Use this procedure to increase the size of a tenant volume in a Control Center thin pool.
  1. Log in to the master host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  2. Identify the tenant device to resize.
    serviced volume status
  3. Display the device mapper name of the serviced thin pool.
    grep -E '^\b*SERVICED_DM_THINPOOLDEV' /etc/default/serviced \
      | sed -e 's/.*=//'
    Typically, the name is /dev/mapper/serviced-serviced--pool.
  4. Increase the size of the tenant device.
    In the following command:
    • Replace Device-Mapper-Name with the device mapper name of the thin pool.
    • Replace Tenant-ID with the identifier of the tenant device.
    • Replace Total-Size with the sum of the existing device size plus the space to add to the device, in gigabytes. Include the units identifier, G.
    serviced-storage resize -d /opt/serviced/var/volumes \
      -o dm.thinpooldev=Device-Mapper-Name Tenant-ID Total-SizeG