serviced backup

The serviced backup command saves a snapshot of the current state of the system, the state of all services, and application data to a compressed tar archive file (.tgz).

You can back up the entire system or exclude certain directories, such as a directory that contains application performance data.

Before starting a backup, Control Center estimates the size of the backup file and compares it to the amount of free space. If storage space is insufficient, Control Center does not start a backup. Exit code 1 indicates insufficient space. If storage space is insufficient, take action to increase available space, and then try the backup again.


serviced backup [arguments...]


--exclude Path [--exclude Path]
One or more tenant volume subdirectory paths to exclude from the backup.
Estimate the backup file size and check available storage space, but do not start the backup.
Attempt to perform a backup even if the check for sufficient storage space failed. Use this override option with caution. If the backup exhausts storage space on the device, you must restart serviced.
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