Application details

The application details page includes controls for and information about the application.

For the Zenoss application, you can view service logs, edit services, edit variables, and start or stop the application. Details include public endpoints, IP assignments, configuration files, services associated with the application, and instances of the application.

In the Public Endpoints area, you can search for and add public endpoints. The table lists public endpoint information for the services that are associated with the application. You can start, stop, and delete service public endpoints.

The Instances area lists information about each instance of the application. You can search for an instance, access the host, view logs, and restart an instance.

Graphs visually represent the following information about the application:
  • CPU usage by the system and users
  • Memory usage (total RSS and cache)
  • DFS usage
  • Network usage
  • Open connection information
For more information, see Emergency shutdown of services and Rolling restart of services.