Internal services endpoint variables

The variables in the following table must be set identically on all Control Center delegate hosts.

The SERVICED_AUTH_TOKEN_EXPIRATION variable affects RPC, mux, and internal services endpoint traffic.

Variable Endpoint Description
SERVICED_DOCKER_REGISTRY (varies) The local Docker registry for Control Center internal services images and application images.
SERVICED_ENDPOINT Master-Host:4979 The serviced RPC server. The endpoint port number must match the value of SERVICED_RPC_PORT.
SERVICED_LOG_ADDRESS Master-Host:5042 The logstash service.
SERVICED_LOGSTASH_ES Master-Host:9100 The Elasticsearch service for logstash.
SERVICED_STATS_PORT Master-Host:8443 The serviced metrics consumer service.
SERVICED_AUTH_TOKEN_EXPIRATION (none) The length of time a delegate authentication token is valid.