Master host storage requirements

This section provides a quick reference for the minimum storage requirements of a Control Center master host. These requirements are in addition to the storage required for the host's operating system. For more information, refer to the Control Center Planning Guide.

Control Center hosts need either unformatted block storage devices or partitions, or free space in one or more LVM volume groups.

  • Enter the following command to display information about block storage:
  • Enter the following command to display information about LVM volume groups:

Compare the output with the information in the following table.

Purpose Minimum size Description
Docker data 50GB (required) Local, high-performance storage.
Control Center internal services data 50GB (required) Local, high-performance storage formatted as an XFS filesystem.
Application data 200GB (suggested) Local, high-performance storage.
Application data backups 150GB (suggested) A remote file server compatible with XFS or a local storage formatted as an XFS filesystem. If the storage is local, ensure that it does not cause contention with the storage for Control Center internal services.

The storage for Docker data and application data is configured as LVM thin pools in subsequent procedures.

The suggested minimum sizes for application data and application data backups should be replaced with sizes that meet your application requirements. To calculate the appropriate sizes for these storage areas, use the following guidelines:

  • Application data storage includes space for both data and snapshots. The default base size for data is 100GB, and the recommended space for snapshots is 100% of the base size. Adding the two yields the suggested minimum size of 200GB.
  • For application data backups, the recommended space is 150% of the base size for data.

The following sections provide procedures for formatting and mounting local storage as XFS filesystems for Control Center internal services data and application data backups.