Adding the master host to a resource pool (multi-host deployments)

Use this procedure to add the master host to a resource pool. For multi-host deployments, the master host is added to its own, separate pool.
  1. Log in to the master host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  2. Create a new resource pool named master.
    serviced pool add master
  3. Assign administrative and distributed file system (DFS) permissions to the new resource pool.
    serviced pool set-permission --admin --dfs master
  4. Add the master host to the new resource pool.
    Replace Hostname-Or-IP with the hostname or IP address of the Control Center master host:
    serviced host add --register Hostname-Or-IP:4979 master

    If you use a hostname, all Control Center hosts must be able to resolve the name, either through an entry in /etc/hosts or through a nameserver on the network.