Fixed issues

Release 1.5.0
ID Description
CC-3174 Multiline log parsing does not work.
CC-3278 Zenoss Resource Manager or Zenoss Core container ports are mapped to host interfaces on random ports.
CC-3597 Unable to reinstall Service Impact if it was previously uninstalled.
CC-3644 Control Center 1.3.3 offline upgrade fails due to missing package in yum-mirror.
CC-3675 Option or requirement to clean up backup snapshots after restore.
CC-3691 RabbitMQ multiline logs are split into several log messages.
CC-3741 Using crontab.weekly too imprecise for zenossDBpack.
CC-3751 Run serviced-storage check command without thinpool option might delete the devicemapper metadata.
CC-3755 "Put failed" version conflict error for host sometimes spams master logs.
CC-3866 Clicking Instance Log on zeneventserver causes Kibana error maxClauseCount is set to 1024.
CC-3879 HBase RegionServer Operation Counts graph does not plot the request rate.
CC-3921 Serviced log contains warning messages that delegate hosts are part of the ZooKeeper quorum.