New features

Zenoss Core 5.2.3 provides the following new features:

  • ZenPacks installation

    The ZenPack installation process is now greatly streamlined. During ZenPack installation or upgrade, changes to the model often occur. To avoid conflicts, the ZenPack installation process has been enhanced to briefly stop applied data maps in ZenHub and then restart them after installation. For revised ZenPack installation instructions, refer to the Zenoss Core Administration Guide.

  • Collection start

    Getting device configurations from ZenHub on startup delays the start of collection. Implementation of a configuration caching layer shortens this delay. This enhancement enables collectors to start collecting (or continue collecting during restart) with the cached configurations while the new configurations are being loaded.

  • Appliance installation

    This release provides ISO files for installing the Zenoss Core appliance as a virtual machine managed by Microsoft Hyper-V. There are separate ISO files for the master host and delegates.

  • High-availability deployments

    Documentation for this release describes how to install, configure, and upgrade Zenoss Core on a high-availability Control Center cluster.

  • Upgrade process checks for sufficient storage space

    A pre-upgrade check for sufficient DFS volume and metadata space prevents triggering emergency shutdown if space is insufficient. You can increase free storage space and then upgrade, or continue using the installed version of the product.

  • Alternate metric naming convention

    Use of an alternate metric naming convention improves retrieval speed of metrics (graphing speed) for vSphere instances with thousands of LUNs or virtual machines. For new installations, the metrics for VMs and LUNs use the new naming convention. For upgrades, the metric names remain the same unless you edit the configuration properties to enable them. Note that changing the naming convention causes historical metrics to become inaccessible. For information about how to enable this enhancement, refer to the Zenoss Core Upgrade Guide.