Fixed issues

ID Description
IMP-5 Support for OpenJDK Java 8.
IMP-7 User can now remove custom users rules with the Reset button in the Policy Edit window. The user should reset the state of the node before deleting the Custom State Provider (CSP) since the deletion does not recalculate states. After deleting the CSP, a default state provider will be applied.
IMP-23 Control Center backup causes Service Impact to restart.
IMP-26 In a large Resource Manager environment, importing (initial reconcile step) services can take as much as 30-40 seconds per node. When the reconcile stays running for a significant length of time (over 40-60 minutes), Service Impact stops responding and zodb becomes effectively read-only, causing modeling and other operations to fail.
IMP-30 serviced records a validation error in /var/log/messages.log when the configuration file for zenimpactstate is empty.
IMP-96 Service definitions are removed after a Neo4j rebuild.
IMP-105 Service Impact does not return components to the Production State: Production for OpenStack component objects.
IMP-113 If you have a Custom State Provider on the Performance side of an object, events that should impact the Availability side no longer properly affect the object.
IMP-116 Attempting to use the DELETE reconcile action on service model import/reconcile process does not work or match the documented syntax where only one parameter is to be provided to the action.
IMP-126 Events that are received via zensyslog are not usable in Service Impact.
IMP-132 A large number of jobs are created when a device is added to a service for the first time.
IMP-133 Add to Service search is limited to 1000 results.
IMP-138 Import a graphml fails with a traceback.
IMP-145 Default view on Service tab is now Service Events.
IMP-156 Service Impact healthcheck hangs, resulting in unhealthy status in Control Center.
IMP-158 Service Impact does not handle events that contain currentUserUuid attribute.
IMP-167 Service Impact server consumes all available memory allocated.
IMP-180 Openstack endpoint cannot be modeled if Service Impact is installed.
IMP-182 Performance issue adding a NetApp device on Resource Manager 5.x system with Service Impact and DynamicView ZenPack installed.