About this guide

Zenoss Core Upgrade Guide provides detailed instructions for upgrading Zenoss Core from one minor or micro version to a more recent version.

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Title Description 
Zenoss Core Administration Guide Provides an overview of Zenoss Core architecture and features, as well as procedures and examples to help use the system.
Zenoss Core Configuration Guide Provides required and optional configuration procedures for Zenoss Core, to prepare your deployment for monitoring in your environment.
Zenoss Core Installation Guide Provides detailed information and procedures for creating deployments of Control Center and Zenoss Core.
Zenoss Core Planning Guide Provides both general and specific information for preparing to deploy Zenoss Core.
Zenoss Core Release Notes Describes known issues, fixed issues, and late-breaking information not already provided in the published documentation set.
Zenoss Core Upgrade Guide Provides detailed information and procedures for upgrading deployments of Zenoss Core.

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Change history

The following list associates document part numbers and the important changes to this guide since the previous release. Some of the changes involve features or content, but others do not. For information about new or changed features, refer to the Zenoss Core Release Notes.

1091.17.191 (5.2.6)
Update release numbers.
1091.17.171 (5.2.6)
Update release numbers.
About 5.2.5
Version 5.2.5 was withdrawn.
1091.17.122 (5.2.4)
Update release numbers.
1091.17.100 (5.2.3)
Update release numbers.
1091.17.058 (5.2.2)
Update release numbers.
1091.17.044 (5.2.1)
Remove change history entries prior to release 5.2.0.
Add a part about upgrading custom deployments, move scope chapter before the part.
1091.16.335 (5.2.0)
Remove procedures for upgrading Control Center clusters. That information is now in the Control Center Upgrade Guide.