Data Sources

Data sources specify which data points to collect and how to collect them. Each monitoring template comprises one or more data sources. The system provides two built-in data source types: SNMP and COMMAND. (Other data source types are provided through ZenPacks.)

  • SNMP- Define data to be collected via SNMP by the ZenPerfSNMP daemon. They contain one additional field to specify which SNMP OID to collect. (Many OIDs must end in .0 to work correctly.) Because SNMP data sources specify only one performance metric, they contain a single data point.

  • Command- Specify data to be collected by a shell command that is executed on the Zenoss Core server or on a monitored device. The ZenCommand daemon processes COMMAND data sources. A COMMAND data source may return one or more performance metrics, and usually has one data point for each metric.

    Shell commands used with COMMAND data sources must return data that conforms to the Nagios plug-in output specification. For more information, see the section titled Monitoring Using ZenCommand.