Discovering Devices

You can provide network or IP address range information so that the system can discover your devices.

Follow these steps to discover devices:

  1. From the Navigation menu, select Infrastructure. The Devices page appears.
  2. Click the Add Devices icon and select Discover Networks from the drop-down list. The Network Discovery page appears.
  3. For each network or IP range in which you want the system to discover devices, enter an address or range. For example, you might enter a network address in CIDR notation or a range of IP addresses
  4. For each network or IP range, specify the Windows, SSH, or SNMP credentials you want Zenoss Core to use on the devices it discovers. You can enter only one of each. Zenoss Core will attempt to use the same credentials on each device it discovers within the networks or IP ranges specified, but will not try to automatically classify the devices.
  5. Click Discover. The discovery process iterates through every IP address in the networks and IP ranges you specify, adding each device that responds to a ping request. Further, the process adds information to any device that responds to an SNMP, WinRM, or SSH request.
    The system places discovered routers in the device path /Network/Router. Devices are placed in the /Discovered device class.