Classifying Discovered Devices

Once discovery is complete, you must move discovered devices (placed, by default, in the /Discovered class) to an appropriate device class in the hierarchy. Moving devices to their correct hierarchy location makes it possible for monitoring to begin.

Servers are organized by operating system. If the system discovers Windows devices, for example, you might choose to relocate them to /Server/Windows. Similarly, you might choose to classify discovered Linux devices in /Server/Linux (if you want to monitor and model using SNMP), or /Server/SSH/Linux (if you want to monitor and model using SSH).

To classify discovered devices:

  1. Select one or more discovered devices (highlight one or more rows) in the device list.
  2. Drag the selected devices to the new device class in the tree view.
    Figure 32. Classifying Discovered Devices


    The Move Devices dialog box appears.
  3. Click OK. The list of devices refreshes, and the devices now appear in the newly selected class.