Add a Single Device

Follow these steps to add a single device:
  1. From the Navigation menu, select Infrastructure. The Devices page appears.
  2. Select Add a Single Device from the Add Devices icon. The Add a Single Device dialog box appears.
    Figure 31. Add a Single Device


  3. Enter information or make selections to add the device:
    • Hostname or IP address - Enter the network (DNS) name or IP address of the device.
    • Device Class - Select a device class to which this device will belong. For example, if the new device is a Linux server, then select /Server/Linux.
    • Collector - By default, this is localhost. Select a collector for the device.
    • Model - By default, this option is selected. If you do not want the device to be modeled when it is added, de-select this option.
  4. Optional: To display additional fields, click More. On the expanded page, you can:
    • Enter device-specific details.
    • Edit SNMP settings.
    • Set hardware and operating system information.
    • Add device comments.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Optional: To view the Add Device job in progress, click View Job Log in the notification that appears when you add the device.
    When the job completes, the device is added in the selected device class.