Dumping and Loading Devices

The system allows you to export a list of your devices to a text file to import into another system instance. You can do this by using the zenbatchdump command on the CLI.

  1. Log in to the Control Center host as a user with serviced CLI privileges.
  2. Attach to the zenhub service.
    serviced service attach zenhub
  3. Change to the zenoss user.
    su - zenoss
  4. Export the device list to a text file.
    zenbatchdump > mydevicelist.txt

This command writes the names of your devices (including their device classes, groups, and systems) to a file named mydevicelist.txt.

To load these devices into another instance (or reload them into the same instance), while attached to the zenhub service of the system instance where you want the devices to be discovered, run the command:

zenbatchload mydevicelist.txt

The system attempts to discover each of the devices in the text file.

For additional ways to add and discover devices, see Adding, Discovering and Modeling Devices.