Fixed issues

Release 5.2.2
ID Description
ZEN-22244 Security: Restrictions are not placed on number of failed authentication attempts
ZEN-26171 Logging from zenossdbpack is not retained
ZEN-26260 Unable to change date format for First Seen/Last Seen columns in Event console
ZEN-26418 Details for cold start traps differ depending on version of SNMP
ZEN-26581 ZenPack loader and zenmib overwrites MIB files
ZEN-26629 Security: XSS on the device's Details page
ZEN-26630 Security: XSS in search results for events
ZEN-26631 Auto-cleared events have transient severity
ZEN-26646 Graph data point format is not honored in graph legend display
ZEN-26698 Overridden objects UI shows the device classes of devices when it should show the actual devices
ZEN-26704 Within Zenoss Core, the link from a VM to the vCenter or vSphere endpoint is broken
ZEN-26756 Users are not alerted to missed collection runs
ZEN-26764 HBase defect leads to out of control growth on disk
ZEN-26769 Zoom in/Zoom out does not work on "Open in New Tab"
ZEN-26770 Expand graph pop-up window does not show data below window frame without scroll bar
ZEN-26775 Unable to change Docker IP address via menu
ZEN-26779 Graphs do not display thresholds unless threshold name is clicked
ZEN-26818 Time stamps are not consistent (local time vs. UTC) in event logs and some graph displays
ZEN-26830 Allow an admin to configure the number of reports a single user can run at a time, preventing UI slowness or zope crashes
ZEN-26859 Pop-up windows, resulting from hovering over a data point, can be hidden behind the left-side panel
ZEN-26873 SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 traps are not always associated with the agent's source address