Fixed issues

Release 5.2.6
ID Description
ZEN-14068 Dynamic view does not fill up available real estate.
ZEN-23197 Update Settings to display "Hostname" instead of "Zenoss Hostname".
ZEN-26818 Timezone is unclear in Event Details.


Service definitions are different from installed and upgraded systems.
ZEN-27358 Incorrect time sent in syslog notification.
ZEN-27394 Systems/Groups/Component Groups need a manual refresh to be visible after creation.
ZEN-27446 Flare message displayed when adding a custom graph that does not have a template.
ZEN-27520 Support Bundle does not accurately pull zope logs.
ZEN-27549 When redis is down, zminion aggressively attempts to reconnect, potentially flooding network with SYN packets.
ZEN-27555 Event Details Only Include Fields with ifIndex Suffix leading to broken transforms.
ZEN-27579 Improved model performance with zodb.
ZEN-27589 Zenhub invalidation workers stop processing.
ZEN-27611 When a device has a state of Down, polling does not occur; however, the Missed_Runs performance metric begins to increment. Stopping polling due to a Down state should not be considered a missed run.
ZEN-27630 Filter is unavailable for Device Status column.
ZEN-27676 Improved security around Kibana log access.
ZEN-27695 Manual subscribers are not getting notifications via email.
ZEN-27696 Improved logging of the Metric pipeline, in particular log progress of specified metrics through pipeline.
ZEN-27699 zauth_eventlog constantly reports failed login attempts by zenoss_system.