Fixed issues

Release 5.2.0
ID Description
ZEN-2851 Default first seen and last seen column width is too short
ZEN-5419 Modeling devices gives "running_extractAddressAndPort" messages
ZEN-6979 Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities
ZEN-10184 The prod_state option in zendisc.conf is not respected
ZEN-15322 Special characters in organizer names cause IpServices page not to load
ZEN-15367 Notifications created in ZenPack zep/actions.json do not get default values
ZEN-16792 Using the zenprocess.conf showprocs option breaks data collection
ZEN-19240 Ensure that the SSL certs use SHA-256
ZEN-20437 Zenoss Core should indicate if the device has no data to show in the graphs
ZEN-21978 Not able to remove a data source from a monitoring template class
ZEN-22056 Multigraph reports show incorrect data
ZEN-22068 Multigraph reports show the same data for all devices/components for a particular datapoint
ZEN-22368 All LinuxMonitor graphs are too small
ZEN-22413 Legend color sequence mismatch in component graphs when "All on Same Graph" is used with hidden graphpoints
ZEN-22748 Zenoss Core 5.1.1 SSH incompatible with OpenSSH 7.x
ZEN-23768 Unable to add component groups as administered objects to users and groups