Importing Resource Manager image files

Use this procedure to import Resource Manager image from self-installing archive files.
  1. Use the virtual hostname or virtual IP address of the high-availability cluster to log in to the Control Center master node as a user with serviced CLI privileges.
  2. In a separate terminal session, log in to the other master host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  3. On both nodes, copy or move the archive files to /root.
  4. On both nodes, add execute permission to the files.
    chmod +x /root/*.run
  5. On both nodes, change directory to /root.
    cd /root
  6. On both nodes, import the images.
    for image in install-zenoss*.run
      echo -n "$image: "

    Importing begins when you press the y key. If you press the y key and then the Return key, the current image is imported, but the next one is not.

  7. On both nodes, list the images in the registry.
    docker images
    The result should include one image for each archive file.
  8. Optional: On both nodes, delete the archive files, if desired.
    rm -i ./install-*.run
  9. On both nodes, copy the upgrade scripts from the new Resource Manager image to /root/5.2.x.
    docker run -it --rm -v /root:/mnt/root \
      zenoss/resmgr_5.2:5.2.6_1 rsync -a /root/5.2.x /mnt/root