Adding a New Dashboard

A default admin dashboard is created when you launch the system. This dashboard can be customized by administrators, but you may want to create other dashboards that display distinctive information or are targeted to a specific type of user (including just yourself). You can create as many additional dashboards as you choose. You can customize them by selecting who can view the dashboard as well as selecting and customizing portlets to display the most important information. Users that are not administrators will initially see a read-only version of the default admin dashboard and can then create additional dashboards for their use.

To create an additional dashboard:

  1. From the Add icon on the Dashboard controls, select New Dashboard. The Add a New Dashboard dialog box appears.
  2. Enter a Dashboard Name. When this dashboard name is displayed in the Dashboards drop-down list, the user name who created it will be appended in parentheses as part of the name. This gives everyone who can see the dashboard an indication of who created it.
  3. Select who can view this dashboard. If you want a User Group to view this dashboard, the group must already be created in the system and the user creating this new dashboard must be a member of the group. You cannot add a dashboard and assign it to a group you are not part of.
  4. Select the number of columns to display in the dashboard. The default is 3.
  5. If you want to clone the new dashboard from the previously viewed dashboard, select the check box. Otherwise, you will begin with a completely blank dashboard.
  6. Click Create.