Event Configuration Properties

To view and edit event configuration properties at the root level:

  1. From the Navigation menu, select Events, and then select Event Classes.
  2. From the drop-down list, select Configuration Properties.
To view and override event configuration properties for a specific event class:
  1. Navigate to that class, and then select Configuration Properties.
  2. Double-click the configuration property that you want to change. The Edit Config Property dialog box appears.
  3. Make your changes and click Submit. The presence of Yes in the Is Local column indicates an overriding value. If you want to later remove the override, select the configuration property and click Delete Local Copy.

The following table lists event configuration properties.

Event Configuration Properties
Property Name Property Type Description
zEventAction string Specifies the database table in which an event will be stored. Possible values are: status, history and drop. Default is status, meaning the event will be an “active” event. History sends the event directly to the history table. Drop tells the system to discard the event.
zEventClearClasses lines Lists classes that a clear event should clear (in addition to its own class).
zEventSeverity int Overrides the severity value of events from this class. Possible values are 5-Critical, 4-Error, 3-Warning, 2-Info, 1-Debug, 0-Clear, and -1-Default.
zFlappingIntervalSeconds int Defines the time interval to check for event flapping (changing severity level repeatedly). Default value is 3600 seconds.
zFlappingSeverity int Drop-down list to set the severity to check for event flapping. If the severity level on an event changes from this value a certain number of times (zFlappingThreshold) within a certain time range (zFlappingIntervalSeconds) then an event flapping event is generated. Possible values include: 5-Critical, 4-Error, 3-Warning, 2-Info, 1-Debug, and 0-Clear.
zFlappingThreshold int Number of times an event severity must flap within an interval. One of the parameters to define in order to generate event flapping events.