Changing the Peformance Data Retention Time

To change the peformance data retention time from the default value of 90 days:
  1. Log in to the Control Center master host as a user with sudo and docker privileges.
  2. Stop the opentsdb writer service.
    serviced service stop opentsdb/writer
  3. Execute the following command to list all the services and their SERVICEID values. Take note of the SERVICEID for the opentsdb reader service. It will be used as an argument in the following step.
    serviced service list
  4. Execute the following command where $id is the opentsdb reader SERVICEID and $ttl is your desired TTL value, in seconds.
    serviced service shell $id /opt/opentsdb/ $ttl
  5. Start the opentsdb writer service.
    serviced service start opentsdb/writer